Thursday, February 23, 2012

Microsoft ready to explore business in 3G technology

Microsoft is eying the launch of 3G in Pakistan as this will provide much needed boost to application development and economic activity in Pakistan. This was said by Kamal Ahmad, Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan, reported onthenewstribe.com
Application or content is the integral part of 3G services and only a strong collaboration between telecom operators and software companies such as Microsoft can reap the fruits of 3G in Pakistan.
The software companies are responsible for providing creative and user friendly content which is then distributed by the cellular companies to the end users. We are highly optimistic because 95% of software usage is being done under the umbrella of Microsoft, added Kamal.
I am in contact with the management of all the cellular companies in order to create a working environment before 3G comes here as this will let Microsoft based developers produce state of the art applications in the coming few months.
On the development front, Microsoft is already involved with students of different universities in Pakistan. It is holding competitions, seminars where its speakers brief application developers and other students on various aspects of development.
I happened to attend couple of mobile phone launches in Lahore where i could see Microsoft people all charged up to claim its market share in the field of applications and local content in Pakistan. One thing which you will hear on almost all the events is the statement of Angry Bird’s CEO that he always has to check newer version of every game on more than 90 different Android smart phones before launching anything. Whereas, with Microsoft, it is not the case, once developed anything for Microsoft will remain compatible on all the Microsoft supported devices.

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