Thursday, February 23, 2012

Send free SMS to any Mobilink number from Gmail chat

Now, Gmail chat lets you easily send text messages to and from cell phones. Google has just included the SMS sending and receiving feature in Gmail chat for Pakistan. Google and Mobilink are now in a joint sharing and going to announce this news officially this Monday, reports propakistani.
Google Mobilink agreement, free chat from gmail to mobilinkInitially, this service was not available in Pakistan and Gmail was supporting only limited number of countries throughout the world, but now after the collaboration of Mobilink with Gmail, Mobilink users in Pakistan can enjoy it as well.
In order to send/receive your SMS in Gmail simply follow these steps.
  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Type the Mobilink number in Chat and SMS bar in left side bar.
  3. Two options will appear, Send SMS or Call Phone, click on Send SMS.
  4. A new chat window will appear in the lower right corner of screen.
  5. Type the message and press enter, your message will be sent to the mobile number you typed earlier.
Mobilink subscribers can also reply back to SMS messages sent from Google chat, which will appear as a conversation on your chat window.
For the ease of users, Gmail also introduces some commands to make the process easy. Check out the complete list.
  • HELP: Command can be used to get list of useful commands.
  • BLOCK: Command can be used to block messages from a specific Gmail user. This command should be sent in response to the SMS from that Gmail user whom you want to block.
  • UNBLOCK: Command can be used to un-block Gmail user. After the execution of this command, mobile subscriber will be able to receive messages from the Gmail user he has previously blocked.
Following commands can be sent at 2434000.
  • STOP: To block all messages from all Gmail users.
  • START: To enable receiving SMS messages from Gmail if you’re currently blocking these.
No service charges will be applied on these messages, however, Gmail provides you just 50 free messages to send from Gmail to a mobile number, although, whenever you will receive a message from Mobilink number to Gmail, you will get 5 extra free messages. So if number of free message will get decreased you can increase them by simply sending a message to Gmail from your number.
It is indeed a very easy and quick way to connect with friends and family while you are online and don’t feel like reaching out to your phone just to text someone.

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