Sunday, February 5, 2012

PTI’s 30 Facebook Pages Hacked – PTI Officials Confirmed

More than 30 Facebook fan pages of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf were hacked yesterday. Like the traditional hackers of a cyberwar between India and Pakistan, these hackers didn’t write anything on the wall of pages, but they targeted the long fan list. It is indeed a very big loss of PTI because the number of fans and follower determines the success of any political party, but considering the popularity of PTI on the political surface of Pakistan, we are pretty sure that if they will make their pages again and launch campaigns on Facebook, they will get back their fans just in a few days. This is also an alarming situation for all other political parties and organizations as well and now they should make their fan page more secure for future attack. It is very common in Pakistan that what a PTI's 30 Facebook Pages Hacked - PTI Officials Confirmedperson or organization does, other get inspired and try to do the same. So there are strong chances that fan pages of other political parties and organization can be hacked in near future.
Apart from just deleting the fans, hackers also hid the pages from general public by improving the privacy. This act is possibly to prevent more people to like PTI fan pages.
The president of ISF Karachi reported that so many of PTI fan pages were hacked and got hidden from public’s view including the official fan page of Imran Khan, ISF and Dr. Alvi. According to him, this attack was conducted at 3pm on Friday and right after they came to know about this attack, the PTI officials contacted the concern Facebook authorities to get back the access of their pages, but we all know that Facebook security team has very bad history for dealing with such cases. It is also unclear yet that all those pages are in hidden mode or have been deleted permanently.
There is still no news about taking the responsibility by any group or individual.
This hacker don’t seem like a professional because he didn’t attack on Facebook servers, but first hacked the Gmail account of Mr. Imran Ghazali, who is the web manager of PTI social media team and then got the access of the official fan pages, either by requesting the Facebook to change the password or by retrieving the passwords from his Gmail account if he had them in his Gmail account. There are very simple techniques available for doing so and even an intermediate level of hacker can also do it.
This is indeed a very critical situation for PTI. Our Team wishes them best of luck and prays that may they get back their fan pages as soon as possible.
If you are also concerned about the security of your fan page, then we highly recommend to start using the two step verification for Gmail and Facebook accounts.

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