Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wateen Telecom Announces Wateen Scout For Better Future of Pakistan

Wateen Telecom is the leading wireless broadband service in Pakistan. It ranked first according to the recent survey conducted by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication authority). You may have heard the famous quote that “Power comes with responsibility”. After getting enough exposure and power, now Wateen Telecom felt the responsibility to serve Pakistan on other grounds as well and started a service by the name of Wateen Scout. It is actually a Facebook Fan Page on which a very short and simple form is available to get registered as a scout. It is actually a platform for Pakistani citizen where they will share their ideas and Wateen will help to implement them. Now you can do a lot for the country under the umbrella of Wateen Telecom.
Wateen Telecom Announces Wateen Scout For Better Future of PakistanIf you ever thought to do something positive for your family, community or city, then this is your time. Get registered by providing your basic bio data including, name, email, age, institute and city. Once you will provide this information, you will be asked three questions. Keep in mind that answer of these questions will be evaluated by the team dedicated by Wateen who will select the idea which should be implemented before other ideas. So you have to explain your idea and solution in a very expressive and impressive manner.
Three questions you will be asked are as follow:
  1. What’s your idea?
  2. Explain your idea.
  3. How will you execute it?
Rest of the instructions are available on the Fan Page of Wateen scout, but we think that the idea whose solution will affect maximum number of people will have more weight than other. However, small issues will also have strong chances to get selected if they are really serious.
Wateen is the first broadband service which started such a nice step in favor of Pakistan. We hope that other companies will also get inspired and will start such services in near future. It is indeed an opportunity for so many people who always wanted to do so much, but there were financial or other issues. Now you got a chance to make your dream true.
If you want to be a Wateen Scout, then click here.

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