Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apple CEO visits China, promises USD 7.1 bn investment

Cook in Beijing. Photo via weibo.com

Tim Cook, CEO of US giant Apple did what Steve Jobs never did in his entire life. Tim who is called Captain Cook in China stopped there for few hours in order to reassure his commitments with Chinese people and make sure China remains the largest market for Apple products in 2012 too.

Cnn.com reports that Cook had on his agenda to finalize much pending deal with China Mobile, which enjoys more than 665 million subscribers at the moment, in order to launch iPhone officially through its network.

Secondly, Apple had to discuss its plans for opening its official stores in the mainland China. Apple was supposed to launch 25 official Apple Stores across China by February 2012 which are mere six at the moment.

Apple is also facing difficulties in getting parts for its products. Cook wanted to have the assurances for a steady supply in future. Another problem that Apple faces is the ownership of its trademark iPad in China for which it is already engaged in a legal battle with Proview, a Chinese entity.

Cook has also promised to invest some USD 7.1 bn in China in the year 2012 for establishing its plant which Apple plans to use it for the Asia supply chain as well.

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