Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free SMS packages causing health issues

It is no secret that Mobile phone SMS is the easiest of ways to communicate among populace. The ever lucrative packages with hundreds and thousands of free SMSes have made it the preferred mode of communication for young people.
A recent study of APP finds that young people who are more than 60 percent of our population have started to avoid the normal ways – face to face conversation. On average, a youngster send deals in over 125 messages in a day, courtesy various bundle offers by cellular operators.
Study reveals that too much engagement with the gadget (mobile phones) have caused the health issues like insomnia, depression, lack of eating, sleeplessness, isolation and many more. Although it is not proven but in worst cases, it may lead to brain tumor but more importantly it is effecting the fertility of our youngsters.
APP found that 80% of the young people have this habit developed to check the status of their mobile phones every now and then.
Combined this all, it has affected the our social, cultural and educational systems during past couple of years since cheap calls and free SMSes have become a must-offer thing from a cellular operator.
The debate to control this menace has been witnessed inside Punjab and Baluchistan’s provincial assemblies in the current democratic government but none of them has been able to implement anything positive.
Analysts believe it is the responsibility of our telecom regulator, PTA, to monitor and address such issues. It is high time to deal with unwanted free packages that is breaking our social network before this nation faces another challenge in shape of 3G that will allow unlimited downloads and uploads of video content round the clock.

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