Friday, March 23, 2012

Women are less price conscious than men when buying mobilephone

Women are less price conscious than men when buying mobilephone According to a comprehensive survey conducted recently, women are more conscious about the features and functions of mobile phones they buy than men in general. Survey recorded that some 37 percent women take mobile phone features as the top most priority with screen size coming on top for 21 percent of women as far as their preference is concerned.
On the other hand, men were found to be more price conscious as 33 percent of the surveyed men responded that price was the major consideration while buying a new mobile phone. Only, 18 percent women said that price is question in mind before the go for a new mobile phone.
When consumers were asked about changing their existing mobile phones, 32 percent said that they don’t have plan to buy any new mobile phone in the next 12 months, whereas, 29 percent of the people within the age group of 18-25 years revealed their plan of buying a new mobile phone in next 3 months.
This global survey was conducted by Vuclip, world’s largest independent mobile video service. The company surveyed more than half a million users in 188 countries and compiled results in February 2012.
Vuclip further released the statistics about the brand preference. About the brand loyalty it records the data as, 90 percent of Apple users want to purchase an Apple device in the future as well. Out of Blackberry users, 60% of them wanted to remain loyal to Blackberry, whereas, 37% of all the users under study expressed their desire to buy Nokia as their future phone.

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