Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kingston becomes preferred memory for gaming

US based memory company Kingston recently sponsored AEON – a southeast Asia’s leading e-sport team which took part in country’s leading gaming competition. Joseph “Zarate” Yeo, an AEON team member won the “Best Singapore Gamer of The Year” from MyCORE e-Sports Award 2011.
According to the company press release;

This award recognizes the significant relationship between proper sponsorship and superior performance. For years since Kingston launched its HyperX series products, one of the goals is to deliver the most trusted memory products for truly dedicated gamers. This partnership shows Kingston’s dedication to the gaming community and further enhances its brand recognition in South-East Asia.

“Since the memory product is the key element in the gaming competition, Kingston takes an active part in the global gaming community. We help to cultivate the gaming industry by sponsoring popular events such as WCG or local leading e-Sports teams such as AEON (Singapore), Vox Eminor and Xeria (Australia), Mineski (Philippine) and 1stVN (Vietnam). Kingston is proud to be a critical part of the industry and community, and will continue to provide the latest memory products to enhance the gaming experience.” said Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston.

“The AEON organization is very pleased to be able to establish a partnership with Kingston Technology. All our cyber athletes will be equipped with high-end Kingston HyperX memory modules which will aid our cyber athletes’ performance during competitions. The memory module with higher frequency will give us an extra edge over our opponents. More importantly, Kingston’s involvement in the eSports scene shows that they sincerely care about gamers. Indeed, this will be the most exciting partnership for AEON recently.” said Michael Phee, General Manager of AEONS.

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