Saturday, April 28, 2012

PTCL fixed DSL and Wireless service on Lowari Hill Top

PTCL has finally restored its DSL and wireless services in the Chitral area. The service had been disconnected past winter due to heavy snow fall and severe hailstorms that damaged PTCL repeater situated on Lowari Hill Top – an area some 10, 256 feet above sea level.
The repeater on Lowari Hill Top is the backbone of telecommunication service in Chitral region. In winters, the tower is only accessible by foot only which is covered in 10 feet of snow in the season. The area is known to be among most difficult region in the north  with a wind blowing at a speed of 110 km/h normally.
Under such conditions, a team of 8 men was dispatched along with heavy duty equipment who fixed the issue with the help of 30-40 local people.
In the press release GM Wireless North, Wajeeh Anwer says;
“PTCL upgraded the services by repairing the foundation of the tower, thus restoring DSL as well as wireless services for different areas of Chitral. We did not let harsh terrain and weather to come in the way of our firm commitment to provide quality and uninterrupted telecom services to valued customers in Chitral.”
PTCL fixed DSL and Wireless service on Lowari Hill Top
PTCL tower located at Lowari Hill Top

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