Saturday, April 28, 2012

3G delayed further in Pakistan: Reuters

According to latest reports by Reuters, 3G licensing has been delayed indefinitely in Pakistan which was scheduled to be done on March 29 2012 among 5 existing telecom operators and few more from the international market, had there any interest from the foreign players.
The news agency talked to President and CEO of PTCL, Walid Irshaid over the issue who responded that authority was supposed to receive the expression of interest(EOI) from potential bidders by January 21 but so far they haven’t invited any private operator. Instead authority is looking for an international consultant on 3G who could guide and formulate a comprehensive policy on 3G licensing in Pakistan – a process that could possibly bring minimum of USD 630mn in a cash starved country where budget deficit is rising high with each passing day making it difficult for the government to manage day to day affairs.
He said, “no one has contacted us for the EOI. All the earlier dates have been changed and now what is the new date, we don’t know”.
Sources reveal that Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr. Mohammad Yaseen has already received a negative response from the foreign telecom operators including Vodafone and Orange. Reportedly, he tried to get the attention of international buyers on his recent visit to Mobile World Congress (MWC) where he along with various other officials failed to convince foreign investors causing a delay back in Pakistan.
It is interesting to note that government of Pakistan and PTA are continuously following 3G licensing in Pakistan for collecting a much needed cash injection of nearly USD 630mn whereas, both have been ignoring to resolve the issue with management of Etisalat – owners of PTCL –  that could eventually make government receive a pending installment of USD 800mn.
3G delayed further in Pakistan: Reuters
While seeking the interest of foreign investors, Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammad Yaseen at recent Mobile World Congress

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