Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google’s Page Layout Algorithm

Have you ever visited a website & been frustrated by a difficulty in locating the content you’re actually looking for? Google’s page layout algorithm is specially designed to penalize web pages that are over stuffed with ads and poor content. This new algorithmic enhancement tends to severely impact web sites having only a lesser amount of visible content above-the-fold (i.e. the screen area that is visible to you before scrolling down the web page). 
So, for the better ranking of your website, do not stuff numerous ads above the fold. Try to keep maximum two ads above the fold. If your site has numerous ads in and around your header, you’ll be sorry. Even if they are Google ads!!! Make sure that your webpage’s are as much relevant as possible & also accurately reflects your sites’ actual content. 
Due to countless complaints arrived at the Google from internet surfers complaining regarding heavy loading websites or having tough time to load the web page slowing down their searched info. Google has implemented this change in order to provide only high quality websites having relevant content in search results to the web user. 
You must be thinking that,” How much content needs to be placed “above the                          fold”? For this, Google has also presented a tool called “Browser size tool” that helps you to determine if you have placed excessive ads above the fold. With this tool you can view your website under different screen resolutions. So websites that don’t have sufficient content “above-the-fold” can be easily affected by this change. Such websites may not be able to rank as highly going forward.
As per this algorithm the websites that places large number of ads above the fold while compromising the original content availability for users will be penalized in Google’s search results and may not rank higher anymore. But the websites that place ads above-the-fold to a normal degree won’t be affected by this algorithm. Good News for high quality websites
The philosophy behind this layout is that the web pages with top heavy ads obscure the content of a page and thus, negatively impacting user experience.  The websites that are using pop-ups or overlay ads are not greatly impacted by this change. Once you are penalized by the layout algorithm, you will have to wait until Google agrees to run the algorithm again to have your website reconsidered. So, this change enables to demote websites that make it difficult for a user to get to the quality content & offer a bad user experience.
If you really want to induce sales then place your hottest business headlines & related news content above the paper’s “fold.” Do place your best content before any scrolling down is necessary. As information placed in this key location rapidly catches the eye & entices engagement. Just make sure to place ads on your web site in a responsible manner that keeps the user experience in mind.
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