Thursday, June 28, 2012

Government seeks PML (N)’s consent for 3G licensing

PPP government is all anxious to embrace millions of dollars that it anticipate from the auction of 3G licensing in Pakistan.
Although PML (N) has started an anti-government movement from Taxila today, Gillani led government is pretty hopeful to convince the opposition for holding 3G licensing in Pakistan. In this regard, Government has carefully established a contact with PML (N) and requested very humbly to support the Government on this issue keeping in view a very bleak condition of finances and coming budget.
For the sake of ‘transparency’ in the entire process, Government is ready to constitute a  bi-partisan committee having equal representation from the opposition party (PML N) to make sure the whole process of auctioning 3G is monitored and the potential bidders are shortlisted according to the consent of both the parties.
As per media report, a sitting minister has confirmed that government will be able to have a positive response from PML (N) in the coming few weeks to avoid a total financial collapse.
Government had to auction 3G licenses on 29th of March but the processes delayed due to opposition’s hue and cry over possible corruption.

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