Thursday, June 28, 2012

India declare Pakistani mobile phone traders as terrorists

India declare Pakistani mobile phone traders as terrorists
source: expresstribune
It is so disgusting that so called free Indian Media has tried to involve 3 of our innocent people in the act of terrorism that hasn’t even taken place at first.
We just came to know from our television channels that two mobile phone and computer traders (Atif Butt, Mehtab Butt)and a security guard (Baber Shabbir) who are working at Hafeez Center, Lahore have been declared terrorists by a leading Indian news channels and print media. The channels which were breaking this news claimed that their local police has confirmed that 5 terrorists have sneaked into the city of Mumbai for the possible terrorist activity.
All three of them are currently present in Lahore and they are as surprised as anyone that how the hell Indian agencies and channels got their pictures as no one from them has visited India before. Two of them do not have even the passports.
May be they took the pictures from some social media site but still question arise, how Indians were able to establish the link with randomly selected photographs from any social media site.
Traders of Hafeez center are agitating on this wrongly cooked media report which is clearly demonstrating the lowest level journalistic ethics in India.
It is interesting to note that just yesterday Aman Ki Asha concluded with tall claims from Indian dignitaries who promised to soften the visa process for Pakistanis in a month time. Our media has been running stories that our Indian guests were really impressed by our hospitality and one of the business tycoon, Mr. Mital while talking to Mohsin Jugnoo in Punjabi expressed that ” i am really happy to see the warmth and generosity from the Pakistani side and i am afraid if we would be able to return you the same as we go back”

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