Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Join Dropbox and get up to 18GB Free Storage & What is Dropbox How to

What Is Dropbox a Quick introduction for dropbox.

dropbox is a hosting site its gives you upto 18gb free space for backup and share your files with others. and there is many good sites also like Google drive is really much better site its also providing 5 gb hosting storage space Read more about Google Drive.
The concept behind Dropbox is to synchronize all your important data into one place. It works more or less like an internet synchronization cloud. You don’t need to transfer or mail from each of your devices into one place. You can simply use the Dropbox and put your desired documents or files in it from separate devices, and all of the files ordocuments will be available to you on all your devices (e.g. your laptop, pc and even your mobile.

What is Benefit for Dropbox.

Even If you joined Dropbox or google drive so you have stored your file in hosting storage your pc is heat up and borned out then what you will do you will worried about your files? of curs if you have backup on dropox then you dont need to worried about it just 1 click and restore your all data. but if you did not joined the dropbox then you will loose all your important files.

Join and Get Upto 18Gb Free Space

dropbox offering peoples to get upto 18 gb free space you can also upgrade it to many as you want. but for starting i think its enough space to backup your important files they can also provide upto 1Tb space but 1tb space thats peoples use if they have big level and heavy files business on internet.
How to Join Dropbox and Get 18 Gb Space
Step 1 >> Signup for the dropbox from this link its Free Signup Complete the Fields with your personal or business information and activate your account
Step 2 >> After Signup you can also Download Dropbox from dropbox.com its window,mac,and android client easily you can share files,
SO Now After signup you will get 2gb Space instantly How you can Get more 16 Gb Let see.

How to Get Additional 16gb Space for Dropbox

  •  Go to Dropbox home page and click on get free space.
  • Get Started with dropbox and take a tour and get upto 250+ mb space
  • Connect you dropbox account with Facebook and get upto +125mb space
  • Connect Your twitter account with Dropbox and get upto 250mb free space
  • Follow dropbox on twitter and Get again 125+Mb free space
  • Tell them how you love dropbox and get again +125mb space
  • Refer your friends with your refer link from any refer you will get 500+ Mb free Space
  • Tweet about your love with dropbox and get more 125+ mb space
  • Do more Refer and get more Space.

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