Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Software solutions maker Medifox enlists Nokia Lumia for home care business in Germany

Windows Phone mobile assistant app developed for home care providers and nursing homes
Espoo, Finland - Medifox GmbH, a leading provider of software solutions in Germany, has chosen Nokia Lumia smartphones for its CareMobile application, which revolutionizes the home care industry by increasing productivity, enabling better planning and use of personnel, and saving time with real-time data sharing and real-time accounting. Medifox attributed quality of the devices, the Windows Phone operating system and the Nokia Drive application, featuring voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, as primary reasons for selecting Lumia smartphones for the application.

Medifox's Product Manager, Mr Marc Schlottig, said that the company's device requirements were met by the attractive and intuitive design of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, and the price points at which they were available. Key Windows Phone features such as the fast user interface, Internet Explorer 9, Outlook Mobile and the Office Hub enabled Medifox to present the quality of the CareMobile app to home care companies.

CareMobile is an excellent example of how mobile phones can revolutionize home care. It shows nurses where their next patients are, provides a list of planned activities and a dynamic checklist, and makes it easy to send patients' vital-sign data directly to the main office. Instead of paper lists and a master ledger, everything is updated in real time and immediately available to relevant parties.

"Each day the nurses might visit completely different patients, whose treatment and medication needs may vary," Mr Schlottig said. "CareMobile on Lumia phones is a big advantage and makes many processes much easier. Also, the integrated navigation function of Nokia Drive with turn-by-turn directions makes it easy for nurses to find their patients without delay."

In addition to speeding up daily tasks and processes, CareMobile saves further time and resources by automating accounting and billing work - all the data is just a click away.

"The average increase in productivity is about 20 percent. If a care service has ten tours a day that serve ten patients each, saving just one minute per patient adds up to considerable cost and time savings each month. Each nurse's location is also pinpointed on a map, making it easier and more efficient to plan routes and use personnel more effectively," said Mr Schlottig. "It's important to know where your nurses are and what they're doing, especially if an emergency occurs," says Mr Schlottig.

"Android is not standardised enough for us," explained Mr Schlottig when the company evaluated different platforms before deciding to develop CareMobile for Windows Phone. "You have different display resolutions, different processor types, different amounts of memory and different operating system versions. Each new device would have to be tested for compatibility."

Citing the iPhone as too expensive, Mr Schlotting said, "Ideally each nurse should have their own device. When you're equipping a whole fleet of nurses, cost is a big factor."

"Nokia makes the best phones and we make the best healthcare applications," says Mr Schlottig. "So we make a great team."

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