Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LG brings Cloud Service for Smartphone, TV and PC

LG has introduced the cloud service that is called LG Cloud that will provide access to all kind of digital content on Android smart phones, PCs and TVs.
Pictures and video taken from Smartphones can be seen on TV and PC through LG cloud almost instantaneously whereas, video edited on PC can be viewed on smartphones and TV after a few seconds.
LG claims that its content synchronization across devices require very little time (in seconds) unlike other cloud services and this is because the content is streamed and not downloaded on the device.
There is no need for any coded on your device, everything happens on LG Cloud server. Even it can cater to the 3D content as well.
The service is free as well as paid depending upon the user’s requirement. The paid service has different rates according to the country.
To avail the service on smartphones, download LG Cloud app from Google Play or LG SmartWorld App store. On LG TV download app from LG SmartWorld Store whereas for PC visit LG Cloud Website (lgecloud.com)
LG brings Cloud Service for Smartphone, TV and PC

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