Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zardari suggests ZTE to start mobilephone manufacturing in Pakistan

Zardari suggests ZTE to start mobilephone manufacturing in PakistanPresident Asif Ali Zardari has suggested ZTE to start mobile phone manufacturing plant in Pakistan.
President of ZTE Mr. Shi Li Rong met with President Zardari and discussed with him opportunities that Pakistan offers in the field of Telecommunication and IT.
President Zardari valued the role ZTE is playing in the development of telecommunication and IT sector in Pakistan and he further asked the Chinese conglomerate to find more opportunities in Pakistan and help us by providing technical skills to our human resource.
Zardari asked Rong to open mobile handset manufacturing facility and latest R&D center in Pakistan as the area has tremendous potential in Pakistan.
President Zardari separately held meetings with other Chinese businessmen mainly to attract raise dwindling investment  in Pakistan.
ZTE started manufacturing mobile phones in 2002 and is known for making both low as well as high end phones. If ZTE starts such a project here, it is expected that segment of our society that likes and rely on lower end phones because of price barrier will take benefits of quality phones. It is also likelihood that Pakistani human resource will be employed creating highly skilled labor and engineers.

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