Monday, July 9, 2012

How to remove Unnecessary Comments or Like from your Facebook News Feed

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Facebook is now a days! adding many new features to it's users timeline, so that they have better experience on facebook.The recent changes made by Facebook was that! they are now going to inform you of every comment your friends make, and every page they like.It will be very annoying for many of us.If you want to remove this feature then you don't need any of the browser extension or any tweak, Facebook has built-in feature! to help you to do that.

To make this work properly! you need a friend list to start with.....

  • Click on your Friend list of choice in the left sidebar, and click the "Manage List" option which is present in the top right-hand corner.
  • Now click "Choose Update Type" and after that click on the "Manage List" again to show the full list of possible updates.
  • Now there, you can uncheck things like "Comments and Likes", "Games", and any other updates that look odd in your news feed.
Hope this will help you to! make your Facebook experience better! 

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